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Getting security for your business or property shouldn’t be about searching for hours, days or weeks for the lowest price and hoping you get quality security or worry about being over charged for sub  par products. It should be about making a single call knowing you will be provided with highest quality 360 degree property protection products and services at a cost-effective price for everyone every time.

We  believe in transparent consistent pricing for all of our products for our customers. We’ll never ask for your budget unlike other companies so they gauge how much more they can charge, we will only ask what you need to protect and provide you the most effective solution and price for you.  

PROTECT360 systems provide active real property protection with its industry unmatched 360 degree detection, range and field of view with just a single unit.  Just one of our systems can provide monthly savings with  superior 24/7 long range property protection compared to mobile security checks, security guards or dozens of passive ip security cameras.

The days of costly installations of  8,12, 18 or 30 passive ip security cameras, motion sensor and PTZ cameras and 1000’s of feet of wiring to protect your property and business are gone.  A single  Guardian Thermal Radar system is a complete independent stand alone out of the box ready system that provides 360°  human detection up to 1km diameter of protection.

Unlike passive security camera systems other companies depend on, Guardian 360 is an active technology that continuously scans 360° up tp 1km 24/7 for human threats, all detected threats are transmitted in real time


Your Property Security is Our Priority

Industry leading 360° detection, range, field of view and Video Verified technology 


With our industry unmatched  360 degree field of view system that can detect and track up to multiple targets simultaneously with scans of 500 meters up to 3km  twice every second protecting your property.


Guardian360 security camera systems are equipped with audio deterrents, targeting and tracking spotlight. With our long range detection capabilities provides advance notice and increases the ability to deter trespassers before they enter your property.


You can have peace of mind knowing you property perimeter and interior is protected 24/7.

Industries Guardian 360 Protects

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Due to their ever-changing working environment, construction sites pose many security challenges, from theft and vandalism to project management and liability issues

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Auto dealership

Auto dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft, property damage and other risks, especially with high-valued inventory outside for public display.


Power Substation

Energy companies are challenged with protecting assets, safeguarding employees, regulatory compliance, operational controls, and overall business management. Perimeter fences with older analog cameras provide little protection.



Marinas have very valuable boats and equipment that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen


oil & Gas pipelines

Trespassers can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage within minutes.

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Equipment storage lots

Equipment storage lots have very valuable tools, equipment, and materials that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen

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Rail Yards

24/7 360 degree long range perimeter protection

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Distribution & Logistics

Cargo theft is a real problem and costs companies billions of dollars every year.


Aquaculture Farming


cannabis farming

There is a great need for video surveillance in the cannabis farming industry.Perimeter protection is critical in helping to protect against theft


Scarp & Recycling yard

Scrap yards are very alluring for someone looking to make quick money from discarded materials.


Self Storage facilities

Security is essential at self-storage properties and can often make or break someone’s decision when selecting a facility.

Scanning 360° up to 3km twice every second for threats, with real time advance alerts that can help deter trespassers and thieves before you suffer loss or damage


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